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The way we do anything - is the way we do everything. Our customers are discerning car owners who see value in maintaining the most dazzling, clean, and protected vehicles.

Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing

Auto Detailing includes thoroughly cleaning, restoring, polishing, and protecting the exterior and interior surfaces of an automobile. At our shop, our customers benefit from our professional knowledge and understanding of every aspect of their car's finish, and our consistent care before and after service brings them back year after year. Our state of the art equipment is expertly used to produce the very best results. We stay at the forefront of detailing technology by utilizing cutting-edge products, and we are the only shop in Maine that offers custom wax formulated specifically for each vehicle.

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Hand Washing

Hand Washing

We wash everything by hand, using only the softest microfiber products. Our process, the result of thousands of hours of experience, ensures your vehicle's paint receives the most thorough and complete cleaning while at the same time pampering the surface on a level you won't find anywhere else. Unlike an automatic car wash, additional attention is given to areas that require it until the vehicle is absolutely cleaned to our standards.

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Custom Wax Application

Custom Wax Application

Every color and paint finish on every car is unique. Products right off the shelf seldom provide the shine and depth we demand for our customers, so we custom mix wax specifically for every car we touch. Creating modern car wax is as much an artisan craft as it is a science, and adapting each recipe to match our customers desires is our passion. Our wax formulas are the products of hundreds of test applications, and that's our secret to making cars “pop” out on the streets.

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Paint Correction

Our multi-step paint correction service is more than just "buffing". It removes the maximum amount of defects from the paint surface using a variety of specific polishes, compounds, and cutting-edge tools to create the greatest amount of gloss and depth possible.

If you want the absolute shiniest, most jaw-dropping car in town, then this is how you get it.

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Paintless Dent Repair

Our paintless dent repair service massages out small to moderate sized dents caused by shopping carts and the doors of careless drivers from the body panels of a vehicle, leaving behind perfect lines and curves just the way it left the factory and avoids the expensive traditional repair processes and repainting.

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