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Auto Detailing

Often imitated, never duplicated. Professional Auto Detailing includes thoroughly cleaning, restoring, polishing, and protecting the exterior and interior surfaces of an automobile using professional grade equipment, products and techniques.

Knowledge and Experience

Auto Detailing includes thoroughly cleaning, restoring, polishing, and protecting the exterior and interior surfaces of an automobile. At our shop, our customers benefit from our professional knowledge and understanding of every aspect of their car's finish, and our consistent care before and after service brings them back year after year. Our state of the art equipment is expertly used to produce the very best results. We stay at the forefront of detailing technology by utilizing cutting-edge products, and we are the only shop in Maine that personalizes every service specifically for each vehicle.

Interior Detailing (pricing)

Experience the luxury of having your vehicle restored and maintained in factory-new condition.

Services we offer:

Interior add-on services:

  • Spot Cleaning: Full-strength cleaning for one spill or stain
  • Pet Hair Removal: Complete hair removal
  • HVAC Cleansing: Complete odor and contaminate removal from the HVAC system
  • Fabric Protection: Anti-stain and liquid-repellent coating for carpets and seat upholstery
  • Extreme Cleaning: For vehicles with extreme soiling
  • Luxury Leather Treatment: Lasting restorative and protective treatment of all leather surfaces

Exterior Detailing (pricing)

Exterior car care is our specialty, and we offer several options that cover all of your exterior detailing needs.

Services we offer:

  • Wash & Wax: Inexpensive maintenance service for existing customers
  • Exterior Detail: Our standard exterior detail for low-maintenance vehicles
  • Exterior Plus: Our standard exterior detail for high-maintenance vehicles
  • Exterior Deluxe Detail: An annual or foundational detail that leaves a vehicle in better than new condition

Exterior add-on services:

  • Sealant Upgrade: The perfect protection for a New England winter
  • Ceramic Coating: The ultimate protection against swirls & scratches, etching, sap, and road grime
  • Water Spot Removal: Complete mineral buildup removal
  • Spot Scratch Removal: Isolated paint correction
  • 3-Month Tire Coating: Longest lasting tire dressing available
  • Headlight Restoration: Crystal clear restoration that lasts for several years
  • Headlight Tinting: Customized bling to set your vehicle apart from the rest


We offer several levels of care with detailing packages for every vehicle.


Maintenance Package

This package combines the Vacuum & Wipe interior with the Wash & Wash exterior to cover all aspects of a complete maintenance service between details.

notes: This service is exclusively reserved for current clients of Adept Auto Detailing, and also for new clients with new or “near-new” vehicles.

Standard Package

Combining the regular Interior and Exterior Details, this package is perfect for a bi-annual reconditioning treatment for a clean and protected vehicle.

notes: Recommended for returning customers on a low-maintenance treatment schedule

Complete Package

For vehicles requiring a high-maintenance package, this service combines the Interior Plus with the Exterior Plus Details for a completely clean and protected vehicle.

notes: Recommended for returning customers on a high-maintenance treatment schedule.

Deluxe Package

As an annual or foundational service, this package includes the Interior Plus and Exterior Deluxe Details. The end result is a car show ready vehicle in better than new condition.

notes: Recommended as an annual treatment or a foundational treatment for new customers.

New Car Package

Our standard New Car Package consists of a Vacuum & Wipe interior and an Exterior Detail service, including our Luxury Leather Treatment application. Most of our clients with brand new cars are under the impression that because their vehicle is fresh off the lot, it shouldn’t need much help. At Adept Auto Detailing, we have seen it all, and the delivery condition of most new vehicles tends to be quite disappointing, which is the reason we offer this package. We begin every New Car Package with an extensive vehicle analysis to assess the condition of the paint and exterior surfaces, as well as any other problems we may find at the time of the scheduled service. Next, we administer our basic New Car Detail customized with any additional services, Ceramic Coating, or whatever treatment our clients desire.

notes: The best option for customers who want to maintain the most value from their new vehicle.