6 Years: The average lifespan of a brand-new vehicle coated by liquid road salts in Maine. Prevent this damage with our Winter Detail Package!

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Did you know that Maine still uses Magnesium Chloride to melt snow & ice on the roads in Winter? A lot of folks think Maine did away with this menace years ago.... but they didn't.

Did you know that Calcium Chloride (which Maine also uses) is just as destructive? Magnesium Chloride starts eating away the moment it comes in contact while Calcium Chloride takes a little time to get started, but they both do the same amount of damage if left untreated!

HOLDING ONTO A TOILET BOWL LID: How your car's interior is NINE times dirtier than a public toilet

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Outside of a professional detail service, when was the last time your steering wheel was cleaned? Think about it, it's the thing you touch the most every time you leave the house. Shopping cart handles, door knobs and handles, and everything else you touch is covered in germs, and you collect them all very neatly on your steering wheel. In fact, your everyday automobile is saturated in germs.

The Proper Order of a Proper Detail

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It’s best to start at the beginning, right?
For the first post of our blog, what would be more appropriate than discussing what a detail is and what it involves.

Interior Detailing Process

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We clean and restore interiors back to factory new condition!
(Here is how we do it!)
Starting with a complete inspection which will identify problem areas, we formulate a customized Interior Detail using a number of factors:
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