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Custom Wax

The purpose of wax, above all other benefits it provides, is protection. Protection from what? From things that will damage, sometimes irreversibly, the paint on your vehicle. Wax can prevent adhesion or act as a sacrificial layer.


Of the countless varieties of wax available, we typically use a mixture of traditional carnauba (white and yellow), specific synthetic waxes (the fluoropolymers enhance the longevity of the traditional components), and hybrids that are mixed to our specifications by professional chemists and manufactured just for us.

Customized Wax Applications

We customize every wax application to enhance the specific color and effects (pearl coats, metallic flakes, etc) of your vehicle's paint. This is how we make our clients stand out on the street.

Added Value For Your Car

Remember, the appearance of your car makes up for 30% of its value. The time we put into your vehicle can increase its worth by thousands.


Sometimes we add some spice and throw in some glow-in-the-dark pigment or some additives which will temporarily alter the brightness or darkness of paint. We love wax, and we love having fun with it.