Scratches and swirls ruin an otherwise gorgeous car.

Let us remove them and restore the finish your vehicle deserves.

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Paint Correction (pricing)

Paint Correction is the industry term for the polishing process that removes scratches and imperfections and buffs paint to a high gloss finish.

No Holograms

Our polishing techniques utilize the most cutting-edge tools and products and our results never include holograms. Holograms are those wavy patterns left from amateurs who lack the knowledge and use outdated tools to polish vehicles. The next time you're out and about, look closely at the shiny cars that you find and you will undoubtedly see that most have holograms. Once you know what they are you won't be able to ignore them. Don't risk it, have your car polished by a pro.


Different polishes can be used to control the amount of gloss and depth, depending on the type of paint (i.e. pearl, candy, tri-coats, etc.)


This procedure can have multiple steps (1 to 5+) using different compounds and polishes, depending on the condition of the paint. This is typically the most time-intensive process (5-50 man hours) of a proper detail, and the area where professional training and experience have the greatest influence on results.


We have thousands of hours of experience in polishing paint, and it is among the most satisfying services we offer.